Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day 78, 100 Happy Days: Art Grab-Bags

As you may know, I've been working on a fund-raiser for my friend Colleen, and we're offering Art Grab-bags for certain donation levels.

Unfortunately I have been swamped lately and haven't had time to get the grab-bags together. I've been gathering art, and gathering bags, but I hadn't put the two together... until tonight!

It feels good to get moving on something that's been nagging me to get done.

Also: Art Grab-Bags - how fun is that?! A mystery bag of art... I would totally buy one if I weren't putting them together!

We've still got some available! If you'd like to donate and get a grab-bag, you can do so at... and, we'll ship within the continental US!

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