Thursday, January 12, 2012

Do You See The Patterns?

Oil on Canvas 12x12
Tabetha Landt Hastings
This is wild stuff.
The stuff in this less than two minute video (below) is the stuff that blows my mind all the time. "Cities are like organisms, alleys are like capillaries."

This is what my painting "Microcosm" is all about. A couple of years ago I liked to take walks, and I started noticing all these great patterns in the natural world. One day I took a photo of a patch of tree bark,  blew it up and painted what I saw. The more I painted, the more I saw a whole world in the bark. Cities, neighborhoods, rivers, streams and forests. It was all right there. Like I was looking at the land from above. Wild.

This super fast moving video talks about the similarities in the patterns that are found in nature, the human made world, space, networking systems... it's all very interesting. And just for the fun of it, do a google image search for computer chip or circuit board, and see if you can see arial maps and three dimensional cities.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Light Art

I have only the vaguest of notions of how they did this, but it's beautiful. Look closely and you can see the people behind the lights, ever so faintly. They're like ghosts. Or in another dimension that we can only glimpse.

Very cool.

Rippled from Oh Yeah Wow on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Laughter and the Human Experience

When we hear the phrase "the human experience" or "it's just a part of being human" it's usually in reference to suffering, hate, jealousy, pain or some other terrible part of being human. But there is a whole other side - a much better side - that for some reason gets less attention. Beauty, joy, love and laughter are just as much a part of being human.

Of these, I think laughter is the most important. What good are the rest if you're not laughing? Just my opinion, but then I'm a big fan of laughing. Besides being a whole lot of fun, it reduces stress, breaks the ice, builds bonds and even protects the heart.

Oh, and yes, it's a part of the human experience.

The following video is completely in French, but something tells me that you'll be able to understand it even if you don't speak French.

Isn't it wonderful how contagious laughter is?  I dare you NOT to laugh!

My mother and I went to a laughing yoga thing a few years back. It was very strange. We went to the pavilion in Cheeseman Park and just laughed with complete strangers. That's it. That's all we did. It was really quite odd at first, and we had to force the laughter. But after a very short time, we started really laughing. You can't fake laugh for very long without it turning to genuine laughter. It's a beautiful thing. However, even if - for some reason - your laughter doesn't naturally turn into actual giggles, chuckles or guffaws, you will still get the health benefits just the same.
What to do you have to lose?