Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New portraits in progress: Marilyn Monroe and self-portrait

I'm working on two new paintings right now - oil dries so slowly it's good to have more than one going at any given time (and that fits right in with my ADD...) Both of these are nearly finished:

Marilyn: she's the first in my Hollywood series.

I'm still looking for a title for this self-portrait...ideas?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I need minions...

I have been woefully absent from my blog as late. BAD blogger! (Although somehow I don't think anyone missed me.)
Like the average bear I'm having a time juggling my life - which probably seems a bit ridiculous to most people. I have no kids, no husband, no full time job...lol! But I've my art, my art business and my music. And the economy what it is, I have to work here and there when I can. So I take shifts at my old job, I house-sit and pet-sit and always have my eye out for another way to bring in some cash (ah the life of an artist). All of this keeps me pretty busy, but in addition to it all I'm doing The Artist's Way program - and I started a study group (mainly to keep me on task). Oh, I'm also learning the piano, reading the Miles Davis autobiography, trying to keep up with my Mad Men and True Blood addiction, and have a social life. And oh yeah - blog. And tweet. And Facebook. Oh and I really should update our Reverbnation page too. And my website. And order new business cards...Calgon take me away!
So here's what it boils down to: I need help, but cannot afford to hire anyone. I have a friend who has minions. People who do his bidding. I have no idea how he acquired them, but they take care of things for him. That's what I need - minions! Or interns. Really I'm looking for a combination; minionterns!!

So I'm putting out my official request to the universe: I would like several minionterns, please. In the following categories:

A website designer miniontern.
A handyman miniontern.
A social networking miniontern.
A schlepping my paintings around the city miniontern.
A data entry miniontern.
An art sales miniontern.
A grant writing miniontern.
A massage miniontern.
A personal trainer miniontern.
A graphic design miniontern.

If you would like to apply for a coveted miniontern position, please email me with your name, age, qualifications, and tell me why you'd like to be my miniontern.