Artist Bio:

Tabetha Landt-Hastings was born in New York City in the tumultuous
 late 1960’s to a an activist and a jazz musician. At the age of six her mother moved her to Denver Colorado, where she still resides. Tabetha has never taken an art class, and had very little interest in art as a child. She was much more interested in music and dance; two influences that are now evident in her paintings. She considers herself a late bloomer; she started painting at the age of thirty. Once she picked up the paint brush and immersed herself in the painting process she never looked back.

Artist statement:

“I'm not concerned with copying a subject exactly as it appears in front of me. Instead I focus on the mood. I try to convey how a particular person or place made me feel. I paint whatever moves and inspires me in the moment: trees, dogs, people, cloudy skies, music. I love the experimentation and freedom that art allows; I can create whater I want on the canvas. Often a painting will start out with one idea and end up somewhere else completely. It’s a journey and I go where the paint takes me.”