Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Prosperity Game: Day Two

Today I have two thousand dollars to spend in the Prosperity Game. I think I'd like to hire someone to paint my art studio. And while they're at it they can paint the common areas in the building too. I have no idea how much this would cost without a professional estimate, but I'm going to say that someone could do it for $1000...better make that $1500.

The $500 left over will go towards my car: brakes, oil change, tune up... just enough to get me through the next few weeks until I'm further into the game and can buy a new car.

So, no "stuff" for me today, just stuff that needs to be done. And actually... getting stuff done feels just as good (if not better) as getting stuff! But then I am a very practical person. (Maybe I need to learn to be more frivolous?)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Prosperity Game: Day One

Harvest Moon Clock
I'm crazy about this clock! Click on pic to link to Etsy store.
The purpose of this game is to feel prosperous, and to get specific in the things we want. How are we ever going to attract what we want if we don't even know what it is?
I have to admit that I am a lazy imaginer. I really don't like to shop and I'd rather not think about this stuff so I make really big generalizations. Such as "Oh I just want to be happy" and "I want a car that runs". But I don't take the time to specify what makes me happy. And I always have cars that run, but they don't always run well.

Then there's: the "What if I win the lottery?" question. Well... I'll pay off my bills, buy a house and a car and travel Europe for awhile. Yep, that's pretty close to what most people say. I want to narrow it down and see exactly what is out there and what I want.

Blue Crescent Earrings
"My" new earrings! Click to link.
To play this game (please play it with me!), we pretend that we have a certain amount of money to spend each day. And we must spend that amount each day. Day one we get $1000, day two $2000, day three $3000 and so on. I've played this game in the past and never get very far because believe it or not, it gets hard trying to spend all that money. Once you hit day 30 you get $30,000! Okay fine, spend it on a big ticket item, but remember: the next day you get $31,000 that you have to spend!

I'm not sure how long I can keep this up, or keep up being so very specific, but I'm going to go as far as I can with it. So today I purchased an iPad (64GB) with a cover, a keyboard and the protection plan. Grand total: $954.40 with tax. That left me with $45.60 to spend so I headed over to Etsy and got a groovy clock that looks like the moon ($20) from CyberMoon, and a pretty pair of earrings ($22) from ModernTrinkets.

And "my" beautiful new iPad. Ahhhh....

Now I have $3.60 left, and I'm quite sure I can spend that at Starbucks. :)

Tomorrow I have $2,000 to spend...