Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 39, 100 Happy Days: Being Easily Amused

It's getting to be a habit (again) to look for things to be happy about. Sometimes getting from "not happy" to "happy" is the matter of a simple focus shift. And some days it's easier to focus on the good stuff.

Today was easy. I had a great class with some great ladies, then I ran around town getting supplies for classes, office supplies, and doing some birthday shopping. I went to Cost Plus World Market for the birthday stuff. I've got to have some energy to go into that place because there is so much great stuff! And I seem to need to look at every little thing. But hey - it makes me happy!

I didn't buy them, but I found this awesome pen set. It's called "Borrow My Pen?" and people might not be inclined to steal these pens... then again, I suppose it depends on the person. These are pens from fictitious business with great slogans. For instance, Shecky the Clown is available for Bar Mitzvahs, weddings and interventions. Because really, a clown at an intervention would really help lighten the mood. And I love the proctologist whose slogan is "Turn your head and cough". His address is "301 South Main (please use rear entrance)".

Why yes,  I am easily amused!

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