Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 38, 100 Happy Days: Stress-Melting Shower

What color is stress?
Steaming. Hot. Shower. At the end of the day. Yes, please.

I was fairly stressed lately. I have too much that I want to or need to do, not enough time or resources. It got so bad today that at one point I just collapsed into a puddle on my couch, and stayed there for an hour (or more). This was some serious analysis paralysis.

Getting out and teaching tonight helped. But stress had waited patiently for me back home at my desk. I sat down to get a bit of work done before bed, and was soon overwhelmed by it all. So I walked away, and headed for the shower.

Showers have a way of bringing me into the present - especially evening showers by candlelight (or night light as the case may be).  Listening to the water rushing past my ears, hearing it drop onto the bath tub, and feeling it pour over me... everything else can melt away except for me and the water. Happy!

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