Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Day 30, 100 Happy Days: Snow Sculpting

It was absolutely freezing this morning. My phone told me it was 1 degree, but it could have easily been below zero. And I had to get out in it to play with the dog I'm sitting.

I really wanted to mumble and grumble and be miserable about  going out, but instead I made the choice to embrace it. It only makes it harder when I resist what is. And I can do absolutely nothing about the weather! Nor the fact that I had to be out in it. Might as well enjoy it!

So I made a little penguin while I was out there throwing the ball around. Not bad for a first effort. I think it could have been better had the snow had a bit more moisture, and if I could have worked at it for longer than five minutes at a time. (Even with decent gloves, my hands hurt from the cold after a few minutes.)

Making snow art made me happy, as did giving up resistance.

Bonus happy: It never warmed up, but it was good to see the blue sky. 

And of course, there's this kid... ❤

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