Monday, December 29, 2014

Day 29, 100 Happy Days: Handmade Card in the Mail

It seems a rare thing to get holiday cards in the mail anymore. I got three this year: one was mailed
alone, one came in a box with gifts, and one showed up today.

In all fairness to the sender (providing she hoped it would be here by Christmas), the envelope was postmarked December 18th (today is the 29th).
Two pieces of mail turned up outside my door today (instead of my mailbox), so my guess is a neighbor has been sitting on it for week or so.

But it matters not! Even if it had been mailed late it would have been fine - it made my day! I was delighted to get not only a card, but a beautiful hand made card at that.  And it says "joy"!

Happy happy, joy joy.  :)

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