Sunday, December 28, 2014

Day 28, 100 Happy Days: Clearing Cyber Clutter

Behold! My newly organized desktop.
I finally got a day at home where I didn't have to be anyplace else. I slept late, wrote in my journal, read, had coffee, and made myself a delicious (albeit very late) breakfast.

All of this made me quite happy, indeed. But come on now... as much as I'd love a leisurely day, I really had to get some work done.

Last night I had started cleaning up my iPhoto library, so I already had organization on my mind. Today when I logged on to my computer I took one look at the desktop and knew I couldn't rest until that thing was cleaned up. I really should have taken a "before" picture but... well, it just would have been too embarrassing.

So I got to work cleaning it up. Wow, do I collect stuff or what?! Not sure where to save something? Put it on the desktop! Most of it was junk and is now trashed. Between last night and today I trashed or sorted well over a thousand files. And organized some cluttered folders, too.

I feel so much more clear!! Now to work on my actual desktop...

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