Saturday, December 27, 2014

Day 27, 100 Happy Days: Video of My Mom

My mom, August 2012
Tonight I decided to clean up my iPhoto library. I take hundreds of photos each month - pics of classes, things I want to paint, or post to Facebook, or just find interesting. I'm kind of a photo hoarder, really. Most of them go into iPhoto and never come out.

So tonight I just went into random albums to sort what I wanted to keep into folders, and delete the rest. I was mainly doing this with pictures of my classes, but I kept coming across pictures of my mom.
I decided that it was time to sort them.

It's kind of a hard thing to do. A bit like walking down memory lane, but the pictures were divided into two categories: before and after she got sick. Which really makes no difference to me; I thought she was beautiful no matter what. And although she probably wouldn't want me keeping the photos of her when she was sick, I am. There are some amazing memories there. Of course I would prefer that she never got sick, but I wouldn't trade the last eight months of her life. Her being sick brought us closer together.

Anyway, deleting pictures is not an easy thing to do - not of someone who is not around anymore. But I cam across a particularly bad picture and was about to delete it when I noticed a little camera icon on it. A movie!! Six minutes and fifty-four seconds of my mother being animated. What a find!* Of course I was hoping it was some message for me, but I knew better. It was typical Linda: sitting at her desk in her pj's talking about a dream she had and eating a ham sandwich. Pretty funny stuff. I felt like I was sitting across the table from her again.

What makes it all the more interesting is that yesterday - for the first time since she died - I bought some ham at the deli. She loved a particular kind and I spent time thinking about her and trying to find just the right one. Then today I made a ham sandwich and thought of her and how much she loved her ham sandwiches... so of course she was eating one in this video!

So happy to see my mom in action rather than still photos.

*After she died I downloaded all the stuff from her iPhone. I thought I had looked at everything, but I guess not.

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