Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happiness Project Day 94: Class Full of Kiddos

Today I taught my first all kids class. It was a group of girls age 10-11, and they were awesome - so much fun!

It's a whole different ball game from teaching adults. I was surprised at how not messy they were. But I was not surprised at their willingness to be creative and have a good time with it all. They were much bolder than most adults, less judgemental, and happier with their paintings. 
I'll tell you what though; those girls wore me out! Every one of them was polite and friendly, but the were little chatter boxes!

I gave a few of them some group canvases to work on when they were done (canvases that class after class use their extra paint on), telling them "do whatever you want - work with what's already there, or obliterate it completely". Most adults are become very precious with what's already on the canvas, and are afraid to cover up other people's work. But these kids? They went to town, mixing every color they had on their palettes, and completely covered the painting that was there. Way to be bold, girls!

This song came on the mix, and a few of them started singing. Too cute.

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