Monday, May 12, 2014

Happines Project Day 95: Abundance of Oil Paint

Over the years I have collected a LOT of oil paint. Not necessarily on purpose... sometimes I wouldn't realize what colors I had and ended up buying duplicates. And sometimes people give me paint - they decide that they don't want to paint with oils, or that they don't want to bring their oils with them when they move out of state. And then there was the time that my mom bought a whole box of them at an estate sale.

Wherever they come from, I accept the gift of paint graciously.

Unfortunately paint does not last forever, and I find myself in a situation where I need to start using what I've got fast, or I'll have to throw it away. And it really does hurt my soul to throw away paint.

So really I have no choice but to paint with wild abandon. Okay... that's pushing it a bit. I didn't exactly paint with wild abandon today, but I did play around on nonsense projects without fear of wasting paint. I have been really reserved with my oils paint over the years - that stuff is expensive! It felt good to just gob some paint out of the tube, and experiment with it.

I felt abundant in the oil paint department today, and that is good reason to be happy!

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