Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happiness Project Day 86: Crazy Karaoke

So, I'm writing my post-First Friday happiness blog from the VooDoo Comedy Playhouse in lovely downtown Denver. That's right folks; I'm live, on location. And it is absolute karaoke madness here. Complete with big lumberjack looking dudes singing Miley Cyrus. And... he just did a cartwheel onstage. Yes, this is fun.
I know karaoke I not for everyone, and frankly I used to be a snob about it myself. But you know what? This is fun. 
In another mood it wouldn't be the same, but right now I'm happy. :)
Oh- and now a rousing rendition of Sweet Caroline (bah-da-da). 
Soon, Lynne and I will sing Lady Marmalade. 
Bottom line: these people are every bit as cheesy as I am. I love it. 
Yes. Good times never seemed so good. 

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