Friday, May 2, 2014

Happiness Project Day 85: Artist Date at the Park

This evening I took my artist to the park. We romped and played... no.. no we didn't. But we did sit in the cool air and and the warm sun and read and write and sketch. It was really lovely.
(More info on Artist Dates for interested parties...)

The picture to the left is my morning pages journal, where I was rambling about my dream house (as per one of this week's Artist Way assignments). My dream house apparently includes a lot of trees, since it turned into tree sketch. But then, my mind does tend to drift even when day dreaming about dream houses.

I loved the colors at the park today. The sun was low in the sky, causing the blades of grass to look a vibrant green at the tips, and a deep, lush green at the roots.

Oh yeah - two things made me happy on my way to the park today:

1) I saw that a branch of my bank is being built smack dab in the middle of my drive from home to my studio. Yay!! (I have to drive completely out of my way to get to my bank now.)
2) I heard one of my favorite Diana Krall songs on the radio. A rare thing. Gotta love the KUVO pledge drive!

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