Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Happiness Project Day 33: Surprise Homemade Dinner and Dessert

Well, I'm over a month into this project, and I must say that it's getting hard to new find individual things that make me happy. I am definitely happier all around, so it is working. However, I find that a lot of the things that make me happy in the moment, make me happy on a regular basis, so there are bound to be some repeats. Sunshine, spring, painting, friends, dogs, trees... I'm really trying not to repeat, though!

Today I got to a friend's house to walk his dog, and there were two cookies waiting for me with a note on the baggie saying to check the fridge. I opened the fridge, and there was some homemade yumminess waiting for me. This made me very happy indeed! Dinner, dessert, cash for dog walking, a lovely walk in the park, and getting to hang out with a cool pooch... yup, happiness. :)

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