Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Happiness Project Day 32: Today

I'm having trouble picking one thing that made me happy today, because there were so many things. It was a really great day, from start to finish.

My morning started out with too little sleep; partially because of the time change, and partially because I had an early class to teach. (Why I scheduled a rare morning class on the day that I was to lose an hour of sleep anyway, I'll never know.) Despite that fact, I was out of my apartment on time, and thankfully, I had set up for the class yesterday.

It was an absolutely gorgeous morning. It felt like spring; the air was cool, but the sun was strong. Driving to work a song came on the radio that I've heard far too many times, but somehow it just hit me right today. I had to sit in my car and groove to it while I was parked outside of my studio. Didn't even care about the traffic passing by; I was doing some driver's seat dancing.

Got up to my studio, had a great abstract painting class with some wonderful people. Then later, a great Paint Club with my awesome crew of semi-regulars, then I laughed hysterically through dinner with a good friend.

In the words of Ice Cube: today was a good day.

Here is the song that for whatever reason had me grooving: Drops of Jupiter by Train

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