Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Happiness Project Day 30: Interesting Conversation

Tonight was first Friday. Its the night that I have my art studio open for the Art Walk on Santa Fe Drive. Generally speaking, it's a really good night with interesting people coming through.

I have no facts to back this up, but I believe that there have always been great conversations going on in artists' studio. Artists are said to be free thinkers, and I've found it to be true. At any given time during the month (often during Sunday Paint Club), there is great conversation to be had in my studio. Tonight there was an in-depth conversation about body image, and how differently men and women are perceived and judged just by looks. It was very interesting.

I don't wish to go into any detail about the conversation, but let's just say that I'm happy to be a part of a great tradition of free thinking artists. And to be able to provide a forum where all kind of things can be discussed. 

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