Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Happiness Project Day 1: My Small Bathroom

My postage stamp sized bathroom.
I want to start out by saying that I have been pretty freaking miserable for the past few months. My mom passed away in the beginning of August; I made it through the end of summer and fall pretty well, all things considered. But since the cold weather has set in... it's just been hard. All I really want to do is hibernate.
Yes, I am mourning. And I'm recovering from a very hard year.  But bigger than that, I realize that I've been putting my focus on the wrong things. I've been focusing on everything that's wrong with my life.

I am a believer in the Law Of Attraction, which basically says you get back what you put out. Put out crap, get crap; put out love, get love; put out lack, get lack. It's time to look at what's good in my life.

So without further ado, I give you my own personal Happiness Project. Borrowed from my friend Josie and (although I'm not officially participating through them because... well I just don't want to sign up for yet another thing), I'm going for 100 days of happiness. Starting today I will list one thing every day that makes me happy. If I skip a day, I start fresh at day one again.

Day One: My Small Bathroom

Recently I house-sat in a beautiful house that had a nice big bathroom. It had plenty of elbow room and enough space to get dressed or move around without bumping into things and knocking them into the toilet (yes, I've done that in my apartment).
Why am I singing the praises of a small bathroom, then? Because a small bathroom allows me not only the opportunity to steam my clothes while showering, but it also means that I won't FREEZE MY ASS OFF when I step out of the shower. Which is important when the temp is zero degrees, as it is today.
I love my small bathroom!!

Day one bonus, the appropriately titled "Happy"; I love this song!

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  1. That's awesome! l was actually thinking about posting that song today too ;-)