Friday, February 7, 2014

My Happiness Project Day 2: Old Friends

Poor Theresa is partially obscured by my giant hood and giant finger.
Day 2: Old Friends

What can I say? 

These two ladies are my oldest friends. I've known Jane since Jr High, and Theresa since High School, and they've known each other since Elementary School. There are only two people on the planet that I've known for longer than these two. 

That's not to say that it's been steady eddy for the past thirty some-odd years. We were all good friends into our 20's and then we sort of drifted, the way people do.

Thanks to Facebook we found each other again a few years ago. When we met again for the first time in years, it was like no time had passed. That's the way it is with old friends.

Recently we decided to have a standing date - once a month we get together to catch up. Last night we went to the Elephant Bar.

I'm so happy to have found my girls again!

Day Two Bonus Happy: Eggs With My Father

Okay, no... I didn't actually have eggs with my father this morning. He died when I was pretty young. I don't have a whole lot of memories of him, but today when I took a bite of my scrambled eggs I was transported right back to a breakfast we had when I was six or so. I remember discussing our scrambled eggs, and noting that he liked his with ketchup, so of course, I did too.
I rarely eat my eggs scrambled these days, and if I do, I have a bunch of other stuff in them. But today it was just eggs, cheese and ketchup, and it took me back.
Not much to the memory, but it is definitely a happy one.

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