Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day 71, 100 Happy Days: Taking A Break (aka Couch Time)

"Wide Open" Acrylic on Canvas Board ©Tabetha Hastings
I completely fell down today. Not literally - I mean gravity didn't actually take me down, but... life did. Big, crushing, too much to do, burning the candle at both ends, modern day LIFE. I felt like hell, was coming down with some sinus thing, and was emotionally a wreck. I desperately needed a break - a day off at the least - but how could I afford to take one??

My body had different ideas. I knew that if I didn't take one when I felt like I was coming down with the sinus thing, I would be forced to take one when the sinus thing really grabbed hold. Which meant I couldn't afford not to take a break. So, I spend the day lying on my couch reveling in the silence. Sometimes I'd get up and go to bed for a bit. It would have been a really beautiful thing had I felt good enough to fully enjoy it. Ah well.

Around 10pm I started feeling better, physically and emotionally. Hallelujah! Let's hear it for breaks! I took most of a day off and sort of enjoyed it, and it may have saved me having to take a week or more off in misery.

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