Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 48, 100 Happy Days: Jesus Shaves Mug

Jesus saves, aaaand...
Jesus shaves. Boom.
I belong to this really amazing woman's meet-up group. It's a very active group (sometimes several meet-ups a week), yet I only manage to get to a couple a year. But every time I go I get a warm welcome from ladies I know as well as ones that I hadn't met yet.

Tonight was the 5th Annual Procrastinators Xmas Party and White Elephant Gift Exchange. It's always a good time. I gotta tell you, I love me a white elephant gift exchange!

A couple of years ago I scored a sweet programmable slow cooker at a white elephant.  Tonight I came ever so close to getting a beautiful ceramic sushi set, but alas, it was stolen from me. As was the Duck Dynasty doll, the glass brick with white lights in it, the tea-for-one teapot with mug and tiny bottles of booze and... I don't even remember what else. It seems like I was up there every 10 minutes opening a new gift (there were more than 30 of us).

In the end, I nabbed this super cool Jesus Saves (money)/Shaves mug. YES. Pour hot water in, and the beard disappears. Does it even get more awesome than that? (Well, ceramic sushi set...)
I must say a few people wanted to steal my Jesus Shaves  mug, but I gave them the pathetic trembling lower lip, and they felt sorry for poor little old me who kept getting her gifts stolen. Bwahahahaaaa...

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