Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day 47: Cancelled Plans and Blue Lights

Today was a good day, but I woke up exhausted and never quite recovered. So when my date let me wiggle out of our plans tonight... bliss. An evening in front of the TV snuggling with a pooch is just what the doctor ordered. I tend to overschedule my life. Need to stop doing that.

I took the picture on the left when I was out walking the dog this evening. Blue lights just seem to pull me in. As I took the picture in the dark, I noticed the vines below the lights, and realized that I have photographed those vines before. In fact, I think that every time I pass that house I take a picture or two. In addition to beautiful lights and groovy vines, it has trees that I can only describe as magical. They're like fairy tale trees. But not creepy "child lost in the woods about to get eaten by a wolf" fairy tale. Just dreamy.

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