Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day 32, 100 Happy Days: Inspiration

Sunrise with a PS filter on it. I love how hazy it looks.
My alarm was set for 8 AM this morning, but I woke up just as dawn was breaking. I thought about how I should go back to sleep, but then I thought that it was a good opportunity to watch the sun rise.

Now… I didn't want to watch the sunrise because I thought it would be pretty. Let's face it: a pretty sky won't get me out of bed at the crack of dawn. No, I wanted to watch the sun come up to see the trees in the backyard in various stages of light.

It was the last morning of a pet sitting job. I've been working on a series of sunrises based on the view from this particular house, and I just needed more information. For instance: why does it look like there's a hill in the backyard when I know there's no hill? Why does the horizon look like it so high up? Why do those trees that are so old and tall look so short when silhouetted against the morning sky? These were the questions they got me out of bed.

So where does my happy come in? I tell you, it comes from the feeling of being dedicated to my work, and it comes from being inspired to work. Even though I haven't painted in 2 weeks, I'm still working. I'm working on those paintings in my head, I'm figuring them out.
To be excited to get back to the canvas is a wonderful thing. To know that those paintings are waiting for me and that I have fresh information for them… That makes me happy.

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