Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 9, 100 Happy Days: HOME!!!

Home is where the old, torn paper lantern is.
I love pet sitting. I get to stay at different houses, and hang out with awesome animals... and I'm paid to do it! But it does come at a price because I, am a homebody. I love my apartment, and I like being around my stuff. When I'm away from it for too long, I get... ungrounded.

Luckily most of the places I pet sit at are pretty close to home, so I'm able to stop in for supplies, or to get some work done. But those are only a few hours here and there. Out of the last 16 nights, I've spent two at home in my own bed.
This is the thought that I woke up to this morning: Today I go home!! (I've been happy since the minute I woke up.)

So now I'm home, in my nice cozy, messy place with my stuff.
At least until the next pet sitting job. 

Day 9 Bonus: A really nice version of the Talking Heads Song "This Must Be The Place"

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