Sunday, December 21, 2014

Day 21, 100 Happy Days: Blank Canvas

A blank canvas is a wonderful (and potentially terrifying) thing. It represents pure potential. It's fresh and new, and has it's whole future ahead. It's all possibility.

When one is having a creative block, a blank canvas can be quite intimidating.

Luckily, I am anything but blocked right now. I couldn't wait to tear the wrapping off of this canvas today. And even though I was excited to start painting, it made me happy to just look at that beautiful blank canvas on my easel for a few minutes before diving in with the oils.
After (in progress)

This is what's happening to that canvas that I opened up this afternoon; I started a painting of this morning's sunrise. This is just the first layer, so it's very much a work in progress. But I'm pleased so far!

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