Monday, December 15, 2014

Day 14, 100 Happy Days: Holding Space

I had three awesome ladies show up for Paint Club today.  Some really wonderful people pass through my studio, but every once in awhile I meet some who I would consider kindred spirits. These three fell into that category.

We spoke the same language, and they really "got" what I'm doing in my studio. They came in and fearlessly dove into the paint (so to speak), and understood that painting is about the experience more than it is about the finished product.

They allowed themselves to be fully present.

It made me happy to be able to hold space for people to have that kind of experience. What exactly do I mean by "holding space"? To me holding space simply means providing a non-judgmental environment where people can feel safe to explore. In my studio (best case scenario), they're exploring not only the paint and what it can do, but they are also getting in touch with a part of themselves that they don't always access. Painting can really pull you inside and help you to work through things you've been holding on to. Of course, not everyone has that experience, but everyone could if they were open to it.

I'm so happy to be able to provide that opportunity.

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