Monday, April 28, 2014

Happiness Project Day 81: My Art Community

Paint that was leftover after a class.
I'm in the home stretch of this 100-day happiness project, and it's interesting to see how it's evolved. When I first started, things that made me happy were more specific: sunshine, a meal, dogs, coffee, a song... whatever it was, I would look for it during my day, find it, and write about it at night.

Lately, unless something jumps out at me during the day, I just sit down and start to write, and see what comes up. I don't even title the blog post until I'm done, because it can be hard to nail down the specifics.

With that in mind, today was a fairly typical Sunday. My Artist Way class in the morning, Paint Club in the afternoon, dinner with a friend in the evening.

It was a good day, and all of these things made me happy. But when it boils down, I'm really happy to be able to foster and grow an art community right there in my studio. My art partner (pARTner, har-har), Wynne Reynolds and I have a solid foundation with artists who show their work in our studios on First Fridays. Add to this, artists who come to Paint Club to get creative while they hang out, and my Artist Way groups past and present, then sprinkle it with people who come to my classes, and we've got a pretty solid community of artists. For that I am happy and grateful.

I'm honored to be able to support artists and provide a safe space for them to work.

Day 81 Bonus: Lover's Rock by Sade
This song came up on my Pandora mix tonight. I was happy to hear a Sade song that I hadn't heard before.

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