Friday, April 25, 2014

Happiness Project Day 79: Finding My Mom's Only Pinterst Pin, and Settling In

My mom's only pin, complete with her picture and a description that I hope was written by her. I'm sure the first sentence was "Incredible colors!" was a very Linda phrase.
I've got an email blast waiting to be created, sign-in sheets that need to be entered into my database, and a website that needs overhauled. But instead, I've decided to take the evening off and do something for me: work on my environment.

My apartment has been pretty much a wreck since I moved here in September. It was a really fast move after my mother's passing. I had to get rid of five tons of stuff, and consolidate what I was keeping, which included a lot of my mom's stuff that needed to be sorted through. Mostly papers. Boxes and boxes of papers. And, of course, her online presence needs to be sorted through and dealt with, too. She didn't have a whole lot going on in cyberspace, and I could probably let it go and not close her accounts. But... I like to tie up loose ends, and you never know when you're going to find something interesting.

I just came across her Pinterest login. I had completely forgotten she was even on Pinterest. And, she barely was. She followed two people (including me), and had four followers. And one sole pin. It made me happy to find it, and to think of how much her that pin is. She loved colorful, psychedelic patterns (old hippie that she was!).

So, I'm happy to find something new from my mom, and happy to spend an evening not only clearing things that have been sitting around for ages, but also happy to be making my place nicer. I'm not usually one to use the word "nesting" but, it feels like I'm nesting. I'm finally settling in. Oh - and happy to be ready to deal with my mom's stuff. That's huge!

I'm listening to Alanis Morissette's Under Rug Swept album as I go. It's gotten me through a lot of rough times, and always makes me feel better.

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