Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happiness Project Day 56: Beautiful Solitude

Some of the work I'll be showing on Friday 4/4/14

Today was set-up day for the First Friday art show. There is a big push to get my studio ready every month. All of the tables, easels, art supplies and most of the paintings have to be stashed away. Then the artists who are scheduled to exhibit, show up and hang their work. It's usually a bit of madness for a few hours, and then they all leave, and I have my space to myself.

Oddly, it is rare for me to be alone in my studio these days. I love the people who come to my studio to paint, learn or show their work, but it's nice to have the space to myself too. After the artists left, I cranked up some Elton John and went to work hanging my own show. Happiness. :)

The First Friday art-walk runs year-round on the First Friday of each month. It's a ton of fun, and there is loads of art to be seen and purchased! My studio is open 6-10pm, if you're in Denver, please stop by and say hello.
More info here.

Get back, honky cat. 


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