Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happiness Project Day 55: Discovering New Music - Raghu Dixit

One reason I like being on Facebook - and online in general - is because it gives us opportunities to share in ways that we otherwise would not. Sure, I like taking ridiculous quizzes to find out what Peanut's character I am, and I like seeing what people looked like 20 years ago on throwback Thursday. But I also like that I can be exposed to new ideas, and - as was the case today - new music. A Facebook friend shared this video, and it me happy. Music is so powerful.

The singer is Raghu Dixit and his voice sends me to another place. The mixture of eastern and western instruments is fantastic, and then when he switched from singing in his native language to English... just beautiful. I love the way he just leans back and lets the song flow out. And so joyfully. I'm totally going to buy the album.
(Also, check out Mavis Staples swaying to the music around the 1:40 mark. Love it.)


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