Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Happiness Project Day 47: A Cool Morning Walk

Just yesterday I was complaining to people about having to get up early to walk the dog in the cold. I like walking, and a dog is a great excuse for a walk, but mornings? No. I don't do mornings. And I especially don't do them in the cold... That is, unless I'm getting paid to walk a dog in the early morning cold. In which case I'm generally shuffling along practically being dragged by the dog in a zombie-like stupor.
But for some reason, today was different. Perhaps I was properly bundled, and had the right music, but I actually had a pep in my step! It was overcast with little snow flurries here and there. Twenty-seven degrees, but... I felt happy.
Maybe there is hope for me after all. 

Oh, also, men in the park playing rugby made me happy. Such a lovely sight. 

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