Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Happiness Project Day 42: Change of Focus

I had some big-time first world self-employed artist technical issues today. Okay, not THAT big-time, but that's how it felt. Not to bore anyone with details (which I already did on Facebook, anyway), the latest thing was that I found I had deleted the home page of my website in an I can't sleep so I should get some work done blurry-eyed bit of 6am craziness that I can hardly remember. Brilliant.

An hour ago I was pretty cranky about it. In the old days (like... 43 days ago), I would have muscled through it, recreated the webpage, and moved on to the rest of my work without a break. And my body and my psyche would have (and have in the past) suffered for it. But because I'm committed to this project, I went looking for something to make me happy. Someplace to focus that was not on my work. So I emailed my website host about the missing page, and I went for a walk.

Talk about an instant state change! From cranky to oh - look - spring bulbs popping up and green grass! It was a short but lovely walk, and it did the trick. I came home and felt much better. AND I found that by the time I got back, my website peeps had restored my deleted page! (I didn't expect them to even get the email until tomorrow) Oh happy day!

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