Monday, March 17, 2014

My Happiness Project Day 40: Love and Happiness

"Big Love" ©Tabetha Hastings
I've heard that it happens in an instant. I know this to be true with my own personal evolution. I can be exposed to ideas and mull them over for a long time. I can understand them on an intellectual level, but when I really get that idea, to believe and embody it... personal change can happen in an instant. It can be a small change within me (or you), or as big as to call it an awakening, or a rebirth.

Mine is big, folks. It's a big love awakening.
And here it is: Today, I am in love.

No no... it's not with another person, or even with myself. Or maybe you could say that I'm in love with all people including myself. Yes, I know this sounds hippy-dippy new-agey and I really don't care. (How could I care, when I'm in love?)

Prior to my new way of thinking, if I felt like this, I would have said that I'm in love with life. But what I realized this morning is that "in love" is not something you feel for another person or thing (like life) outside of yourself. "In love" is a state of being. It may or may not be activated by another person or thing, but in the end, it's all you, baby.

Since being in love is a state, one can "fall" in or out at any time. But falling is so dramatic, isn't it? We don't "fall" into happiness. We get happy. We find things to "make us" happy, but really we find things to activate the happiness within us. It's always there, just like love. We have only to tap into it. Which is what I've been doing with this happiness project; changing my focus to find things that will cause me to tap into that happiness stream. And now I know that I can also change my focus to tap into the "in love" stream too. And really, love and happiness is the same vibration, right?

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