Monday, October 17, 2011

45 New Things: Shaking It Up

Lanterns at PF Changs
A few weeks ago I wrote about my 45 in 45 list: 45 new things to try in my 45th year. Well it seems like I'm busting out new things every week these days, and sometimes several times a week!

None of these things are earth shattering wild and crazy  "new" things, but they are out of my normal routine. Most of them have to do with food and drink, but hopefully I'll be able to branch out into more adventuresome new things soon.

Still, I've had a really good time shaking things up a bit. Not just because I'm doing new things, but by doing them I get to see more of my friends. Yay friends!

Here are the new things I've done so far:
(At least the one's I've remembered to write down...)
  1. Had dinner at Sweet Ginger in Cherry Creek
  2. I took a Shamanic Journey
  3. Drinks at the Front Porch
  4. Karaoke at Benders
  5. Lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries
  6. Drinks and jazz at Jazz at Jacks
  7. Dinner at Annie's on Colfax
  8. Pretended to be married with kids to get away from a crystal salesman at the Taste of Colorado. That was definitely a new experience!
  9. Went to Oktoberfest - fun!
  10. Took a Fresh City Life class at DPL - made little terrariums.
  11. Happy Hour with Duggio - divine!
  12. Tried the sweet potato fries at Smash Burger instead of the regular Smash Fries - that was a mistake. But at least I tried, eh? 
  13. Wings at Madison Street - delish!
  14. Went to a student produced play at CSU - it rocked!
  15. Appetizers at Bar Louie - yummy McYum-yum!
  16. Dinner at PF Changs - the lettuce wraps were every bit as good as I'd heard!
  17. Had a drink at the Elephant Bar... some sort of raspberry lemon delish martini
  18. Tea at Wystone's in Belmar
  19. Karaoke at Ogden Street South (which is now my favorite karaoke bar...which are words I never thought I'd say...)
  20. Sang my first hard rock song at a karaoke bar: Cult of Personality. That was a lot of fun, but I must say that my 45 year old neck did not like me banging my head like I did when I was 23 and the song first came out! But I do still LOVE this song! Here's the video - thankfully it's Living Colour's version, not mine... :)

Edit: I never finished blogging about the 45 new things, but I definitely completed them. My life spun out at a crazy pace and I ended up in NYC in the spring of 2012, which took care of an awful lot of the 45 new things.
On that list included trying Japanese ice cream (not a fan), Polish food, going to my first cathedral (SO amazing!), visiting SOHO galleries, spending a day in the city on my own... so many more things. Stories for another time. 

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