Thursday, March 12, 2015

Day 99, 100 Happy Days: Happy Hour and Acupuncture

Wow! I'm nearly done with my 100 happy days, and again it has been a great project. Looking for something to make me happy really does help to make me happy.

Today I went to happy hour with two of my besties. We used to meet once a month, but we've just been too busy to make that happen lately. So it was extra good to see them.

We went to Atomic Cowboy and ordered a MASSIVE pizza. Twenty-six inches of deliciousness!

Also, I went to acupuncture today, and that always makes me happy. In this case more than usual because yesterday I really jacked up my neck. I went in to my appointment not being able to turn my head to the right much. Tonight I can turn my head almost all the way to the right. Happiness!


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