Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 97, 100 Happy Days: Organizing with Stickies

I swear to you, the simplest way is usually the best way. I wish I would remember that more often.

I recently decided to get away from hand-written "to do" lists. They were a mess. Some things would get crossed out and other things would stay on the list forever. New lists would get started and old items wouldn't get transferred... lists would get buried under other paper. And how could I possibly throw that list away when it's got that cool doodle on it?

No more!

I discovered Stickies on my Mac. Not sticking post-it notes to my screen.... Stickies the app. Brilliant. My to do list stays open on my Mac desktop, and I can add or delete easily. No searching under a pile of paper (perhaps a pile of windows, though). And I find that it's just as satisfying deleting things off the list as it was crossing things off the list.

I can rearrange items, and I love having them categorized. Now... you can see that list is a mile long (give or take), and no human could accomplish it all in one day. So, I review at the end of the day, and change the day of the week at the top. And voila! I'm good to go in the morning.

Yes, I realize that I could leave a window open in other programs with a list on it. I tried it in a spreadsheet for awhile, but something about the ability to go horizontal as well as vertical kind of messed me up. I got too detailed about things.

So, I'm going with my stickies, and it's making me feel organized and happy! 

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  1. Yeah, a paper to do list is a relic of the past! Nowadays we have such an awesome technologies, and we pay so much money for new PC and mostly we do not know what cool advantages this PC can provide us with:) I know, I am the same:)