Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day 91, 100 Happy Days: No Obligation Day

I relished having a day with no obligation. It is ultimately how I want to live my life. (Certain people have been known to sing my praises for being super low obligation girl; what with my no kids, no pets, and hardly any houseplants... Okay, so maybe just person has sung my praises. But still...)

Lately I've been feeling bogged down with commitments, obligations and responsibility. So, it was nice to just chill today. Well, I didn't exactly chill. I worked. But I did so in a leisurely, sloppily dressed, woman with no obligation way.

Also, dinner with a friend. This is a friend who I have sort of known for years, but never met. (Oh, modern life!) It was nice to finally meet, have a drink, and a delicious Cobb salad.

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