Sunday, February 22, 2015

Days 82 and 83, 100 Happy Days: Bed and Snow

Day 82
I have to admit that for the second time, I skipped writing my about my happy thing yesterday. This is because the thing that made me happy was bed. Climbing under the covers on a cold night and laying my head on that soft pillow... yeah. I just had to do it. And really, how could I blog about it after I had done it? I was sleeping! So, here I am.

Day 83
Snow, beautiful snow! I dreaded getting out in it to walk the dog this morning, but once I was out... wow! Gorgeous. And it's so fun to watch a dog romp in the snow - how could a person NOT be happy watching that?! 
Also, there is something about the snow that makes the world feel different. It feels softer. It's quieter, the colors seem more vibrant. (I was scoping out gray houses that I would never even notice when they weren't surrounded by snow.) People were out taking walks. Everyone was friendly. It was just lovely.

There is something about this fence... maybe it's that beautiful blue standing out against the snow.

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