Sunday, February 15, 2015

Day 75, 100 Happy Days: My Work!

Photo Haiku
With my schedule being the hot mess that it's been lately, I double booked my studio for Sunday.
Which means I had to push my Artist's Way group an hour later. A few people couldn't make the new time, so I split the group. Half were scheduled for today, and half for tomorrow.

Having ten people in a 2-hour discussion group can be challenging; too much to say, not enough time. So it was really nice to have a smaller group today. And it WAS small - three of the five ladies showed up. It felt like we were able to dive deeper into topics, and everyone got a chance to be heard.

What I love about leading these groups is that it keeps me on task. Not only do I have to do the chapters and the work with the group, but I'm forever searching for new information and new ways to look at the old information. New creativity exercises and games to play. I'm always learning.

Today was Photo Haiku day - always a good time. Each of the ladies took three photos from a pile (old pictures of mine that I was going to throw out), and wrote a haiku about the picture, on the picture. It's like giving new life to and old piece of history - my history. So I get the added bonus of seeing bits of my life re-imagined. (No pictures of people, however. Just things.)
Once we've written our haikus, we go around and read them - with feeling. So much fun!!

I'm lucky to be able to do this work.

Also - it's incredible to know the history of the people in the group, and watch them grow. And to feel like I've not only witnessed, but also had a small part in the transformation.


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