Monday, February 2, 2015

Day 63, 100 Happy Days: Cutting Myself Some Slack

Today got of to a rough start. I got to bed super late last night, then was up after a few hours because of a bad dream, then realized I felt sick. No bueno.

So I got up and worked. Next thing I knew, the sun was up and the stairs outside my window were being shoveled. It was 7:30am and I had to be at a meet-up at 10am. That was NOT going to happen - especially since I had a 1pm class.

After going back to sleep for a few blissful hours, I woke up too late to properly prepare for class. Which naturally had me a bit stressed out. I allowed myself a few minutes of stress and being upset with myself, then I decided that I just had to let it all go. I had already missed my meet-up, and now I was going into class unprepared... life happens. In the mean time I'm doing the best I can.

And as it turns out, class was great. A bit less structured than it would have been, but, things work out. I'm fairly sure things wouldn't have worked out as well had I gone into the class stressed out.

I've become a fan of going easy on myself. Beating myself up has never worked. Treating myself kindly makes me happy.

Also, the frosty dusk. So beautiful...

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