Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day 57, 100 Happy Days: Home, Sweet Home + Sidewalk Universes

Ten nights and eleven days of pet/house sitting. Miles of dog walks.
It's good to be home. It's great to sleep in my own bed. It's wonderful to sleep in without having sweet little furry creatures trying to wake me up.

Pet sitting is great, but home is better.

Home is where the happy is.

I don't feel like looking for a picture that represents "home" (nor do I want to post a picture of my messy apartment), so I'm posting pictures that I took last week.

These are pictures of a sidewalk. There was salt (or some snow melt stuff) on the sidewalk, and it looked like stars to me.

It made me think of how connected we all are. The sidewalk looks like the sky, and it's all made of the same stuff. Pretty cool.

So I took some pictures, and played with the colors, and voila. Sidewalk universes.

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