Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 51, 100 Happy Days: Halfway There

Once again, I'm halfway through my 100 happy days. And, I feel great! Not all the time, every day, but I'm pretty sure that I feel a LOT better than I would be if I weren't doing this project.
It's funny to have done this before, and to know the benefits of focusing on things that make me happy, and to still not do it as a rule.
Each time I do the 100 happy days, I get better at it. There may be people with a set point of "happy" or "sad", but it's not the law. Happiness is a habit, and sometimes it takes work but it's worth it. My work with it is not only to find it (more difficult than you think at ties), but to write about it every day. I never go to bed without writing about the thing that makes me happy because it would be too easy to abandon. And my rule is: If I miss one day my happiness blog, then I have to go back to day one.

So, 51 days in and I'm feeling great!

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