Saturday, January 3, 2015

Day 34, 100 Happy Days: Back in the Studio!

New Painting Soiree painting!
Just when I was starting to have a really solid studio practice, the holidays came and along with them, multiple pet sitting jobs. Depending on the pet I'm sitting, I may or may not be able to break away for a bit to paint, but never for more than a few hours. To make matters worse, that terrible cold snap came, making it easier to stay put, snuggling up with a warm dog and a TV or fire.

So today, after a two-week absence, I ventured into my neglected studio for a lovely snowy day of painting. It was good to get back! And I came up with a new painting to teach.

Day 34 Bonus #1: A happy fortune... "Happiness will bring you luck" Yes, let's hope so!

Day 34 Bonus #2: Windshield wipers! Thanks to the joint effort of two friends (one who diagnosed the problem via Facebook, and one who fixed the problem in person), I now have two working windshield wipers. Which is handy in this weather...

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