Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Day 2, 100 Happy Days: Syncronicity

I love it when things line up perfectly in life. It makes me feel like all is well with the world... which of course it's not. It never is, but sometimes it's more glaringly obvious than others. Sometimes the bad stuff is a bit too close for comfort.
Which of course, is precisely why one needs to look for things to be happy about. And noticing the synchronicity in life is a good start. It's a reminder - to me at least - that things are indeed flowing. It's almost a nod from the universe that I'm on the right track.

Today I was driving along listening to a Neil Young song that I had never heard. I looked over at a gas station sign and read "B4 SNOW FLIES" just as Neil Young sang "If I get there before the snow flies".
Wowzers!! How random is THAT? Crazy.

As luck would have it, the light turned red just then, and I was able to snap a pic of the sign, and the screen that showed the song (I took that pic largely to remember the song).

And here is the song. It really is quite lovely.

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