Friday, May 23, 2014

Joni Mitchell Both Sides Now, Nowadays

Joni Mitchell is my hero. Or my shero, as the case may be. She is an incredibly creative person, and considers herself a painter before a singer or a songwriter. And of course that's something that I can really appreciate.
I think that part of the reason I love her songs so much is that they are so visual lyrically. They are rich, vibrant and emotive. I can see them playing out in my head when she sings.
"Moons and Junes and ferris wheels
the dizzy dancing way you feel
as every fairytale comes real..."
Those words put me right there in the song.

This version of Both Sides Now is just incredible. She recorded it years after the original and her voice is much richer, and you really beleive that she knows what she's talking about more than ever.

I was reminded of the revisited version of Both Sides Now when I watched a tribute concert from 2000, today. There were some pretty good performances of other artists covering Joni's songs, but she stole the show when she closed it with this poignant version of Both Sides Now. Incredible. Just another example of how we only get deeper and fuller and richer as we get older.

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