Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happiness Project Day 75: Acupuncture

Yep, that's me!
Who would have thought that having needles stuck into them could be such a blissful experience? Certainly not me. But that's exactly how I feel when I go to my acupuncture appointments.

I'm not sure if everyone has this experience, or if it's just me. (I've never heard anyone talk about this but it's hard to believe that it's uncommon.) I go into a deep state of relaxation when I'm in that chair. Not necessarily sleep... it's more like a meditation state. And when I'm done I feel incredibly revived and refreshed and blissed out. It's like taking a nice long nap. I leave there happy and ready to face the world. (And the big question: Is it helping the issues that brought me there? Yes, yes it is. I'm seeing results.)

In addition to all this, it's really wonderful doing something for me. Something that is good for me. Caring for my self

Me again. Arm, this time.

If you're in the Denver metro area, I highly recommend Meeting Point Acupuncture: 

They're on Broadway just south of Virginia, and they charge on a sliding scale: $20-$40. Amazing. 

Yep, getting poked with needles made me very happy today. :)

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