Friday, April 18, 2014

Happiness Project Day 72: Being a City Girl

I love living in the city. 
Truth is, given enough money, I might move to New York or Chicago. But… Denver is home. I like that it's a small city, and I like how manageable it is.

Last August I moved into the Speer neighborhood. Never heard of Speer, Denver peeps? It's kind of between Washington Park and Baker. I love it here. It's right in the middle of the city without being downtown proper. It's got a city vibe, without overwhelming busy-ness. It does bustle, however. There's just enough energy to make it feel alive.

I love that I can walk to dozens of restaurants, bars, and shops. Not to mention Washington Park, the Cherry Creek bike path, and a library. And, I'm a short bus or cab ride from downtown. (Actually, I could even walk. We're talking 22 blocks to the mall shuttle.)

Plus I'm able to get my dose of nature with big old trees and beautiful gardens. 

I walked through the neighborhood tonight as the sun was setting and could smell the beautiful blooming trees. It was bliss. Then I waked a little farther and smelled the food coming from the restaurants on Broadway. More bliss!  Yes. Happy city girl here. 

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