Friday, March 21, 2014

My Happiness Project Day 44: Opposite Dogs, Elusive Rooster Cats and Tree Roots

I like that after 44 days of this I can say that looking for things to make me happy is such a habit that I find them everywhere without really looking. The down side to that is that there aren't all that many things that stand out as big happy moments, but... I'll take it.

Today I walked the fluffiest of little fluffy dogs, and we ran into the the the biggest bulldog I've seen. He was off-leash and came galloping across the street to meet us. Bodhi - my fluffy buddy- is a bit skittish anyway, and was quite intimidated by this burly dog who was no taller than him. Of course he was just a big old love bug. Too bad I didn't get a picture of those completely opposite dogs together.

In other animal related happy moments, I finally met the cat of the house where I'm sitting. She's been very elusive, but finally came out of hiding tonight and is as sweet as can be. But the really great thing about her? She sounds like a little rooster when she meows!

These totally amazing tree roots made me very happy, too. And finding the PS Express app on my iPhone that made the roots look even more beautiful, made me happy, too.

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