Monday, March 3, 2014

My Happiness Project Day 26: Doggie Greetings

There were several happiness inducing things in my world today. One of them was THIS kid. I got to hang out with her and go out and walk in the beautiful day.

She is always happy to see me, but today I walked in at the time that she would normally see her dad. She just looked at me with slight disbelief, like "Wait... you... what?" And then "Wait a MINUTE. You're here. YOU'RE here! Oh YEAH... let's play!" And then she proceeded to the the "curly boxer jump-twist dance". How could that NOT make a person happy? Imagine if we all greeted each other with such enthusiasm.

We went for a walk in Infinity Park where I was happy to see these kids playing football. Often there are official looking teams practicing and playing in this park, so it was nice to see a bunch of teenagers enjoying the space. It was also nice to see teenagers out of doors and away from electronics.

I was also able to get a few new tree bark pics and one of dried grasses, just for fun.

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